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General Information

This section contains general information about your team. This information can be edited at any time.




Category Management

This section focuses on managing your different categories of users in your team. (Players, Prospects, Staff, etc.)



The View Link button can be clicked to display an easily copy-able link to take the TAP assessment that includes the code of the corresponding Category.

In the example below, the user who clicked the link and took the assessment would be automatically added to Demo College's "Players" Category.


To edit the code for a Category, use the "Edit" button in the Action column.



 The "Edit" button will allow you to edit the code of a Category. 

The "Email Request" button will open your default e-mail client with a prefilled subject line to send to all members of that Group.

The "Download CSV" button will allow you to download a text document containing the information for all players in that group in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.



Section for managing Groups. Members can be added to groups via the All People page.



Manage Console Admins

This section is for adding and removing console admins, as well as setting email notifications for non-admins that may require them.



You can toggle survey email notifications for admins by clicking the "Survey Emails" option.



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