How do I upload a roster?

Gene Bellotti -

There are two ways to enter your roster. 


#1: Enter your players and staff manually

After you login, click this button on your home page. 

Choose Prospects, Players or Alumni. 
Enter the information.
Add a new row for each player.

Remember to SAVE your entries before changing screens. 


#2: Download the TAP 360 CSV file


#2a Download the TAP 360 CSV file, then enter your roster information. 

The advantage of this method is that you can do it offline. Best choice for a large team. 

#2b Upload your completed TAP 360 CSV file AFTER selecting the correct tab. 

Once you enter your roster, you easily can send a mass email to every player to take the TAP. We've even written it for you! But of course, you can edit it as we know you will. 
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