Instructions before you Take the TAP

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TAP Instructions

The TAP survey is taken online on a computer or tablet such as an iPad® and takes approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.  Upon completion of the TAP, a rich array of output in the form of reports and development plans for the individual athlete are available.

The TAP is highly reliable, meaning a person’s scores are very consistent, do not vary much from day to day. Reliability checks have yielded high figures, r = .92, (where a value of 1.00 would be perfect). The TAP does not measure one’s clinical/medical personality and cannot make a psychological nor medical diagnosis.

Who should take the TAP?

The TAP is designed for individuals age 13 and above.  All athletes age 13 and above are recommended to take the TAP to learn more about themselves including tips & techniques for improvement.

The primary purpose of the TAP is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the individual athlete’s mental make-up so that all the stakeholders in an athlete’s development – the athlete, coach and parent/mentor – are armed with tools and techniques to foster development and optimize performance.

Coaches, parents and sports fans are also welcome to take the TAP to learn more about themselves and how they compare and stack-up to amateur and professional athletes.

How much time does the TAP take to complete?

The TAP typically takes 20-25 minutes to complete.

How frequently should an athlete take the TAP?

The TAP should be taken at least once per year for competitive athletes aged 13-25.  Although core personality traits rarely change, attitudes and habits can be developed through effective coaching and training and those changes will be picked up by the TAP and the corresponding reports.

Before taking the TAP assessment, be sure to have an Internet-connected device such as a PC, Mac or tablet. It is not recommended to take the TAP on a smartphone because the smaller screen could hinder one’s results.

Choose a quiet location and set aside 20-25 minutes to complete the assessment. Below you will find more detail about setting up your account, entering your team's code (very important!), taking the TAP, and getting your results.

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