Managing Multiple Teams/Accounts

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If you are an administrator on multiple teams or accounts, you can manage them all from a single login. If you already use a single email address to login to multiple accounts, you can jump to the next section.  

If you have multiple team accounts using multiple logins (different email addresses for different accounts), you need to first consolidate your logins to a single login to leverage the features described below.  

To accomplish this, first pick the email address you want to use as your single login, then log into the team account(s) that do not yet use that login email address, and add yourself as an Administrator to that team account using the desired email address.  

Once you have added yourself as an Administrator to the team account using the desired email address, you can go ahead and delete the other Administrator access using the non-desired email address.
Switching Teams/Accounts to View

Presuming all your team accounts are using the same login, to switch from one account to another, you have two options.  

  1. You can select the drop down menu that is always available in the upper left corner of your console and select which account you would like to view.  
  2. You can select the top section in the Coach Home - Advanced View called Teams and expand that section to see details on the teams and accounts you have access to and switch to another account.


Copying People from one Team/Account to another Team/Account

You can Copy a person from one team/account to another.  

  1. Go to All People.  
  2. Identify the person you want to Copy.  
  3. Click “Copy” under Actions and select the team/account you want to copy the individual into.  

After completing those steps, the individual will appear in both the original team/account and the team/account they were copied into.  

If you would like to remove the individual from the original team/account, select Archive under the Move action and the individual will be archived in the original team/account.


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