Team TAP Scoring

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Overall Team TAP Scoring

To check your team’s overall TAP scores, go to Coach Home. Click on the section labeled Team TAP Scoring.

You will then see your team’s overall Mental Toughness, Coachability, and Mental Performance numbers from their collective TAP results. If you want to see the team’s complete TAP results, click on the blue link that says “Click here to see the team’s complete TAP results.” This will take you to the full functionality available in Team Analytics.


The colored arrow compares the team’s TAP Scoring to previous results.  To change the basis of comparison, click the “Comparison Arrow Average” button.  A red down arrow indicates a lower score compared to previous tests while a green up arrow indicates a higher score.

National Averages

To see how your team’s TAP scores compare to the national averages, go to coach home. Open the Team TAP Scoring section and click on the blue “See National Averages” button.

Clicking this button allows you to see the Mental Toughness, Coachability, and Mental Performance average scores for all levels from middle school through professional athletes.

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