Team TAP Results

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TAP Scoring of Categories and Groups

To check TAP scores of categories and groups, go to Team Analytics. Click on the section labeled Team TAP Results.

Identify the options box at the top left corner of the page (The default will be set to “Players”). Click on this box to see the different categories and groups that you can see TAP scoring of (ex. Players, Prospects, 2020, Captains).

Select any group or category you wish to see TAP scoring of and click the box labeled “Go.” Next, click on any of the 4 sections to see detailed TAP results of that specific category or group.

Checking Team’s TAP Scores

For more information about seeing your Team's Total TAP Scores, check out this page: Team TAP Scoring

Checking Category or Group TAP scores

For more information about how to see the TAP Scores from specific groups you have designated, follow this link: Team TAP Scoring 

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