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Adding New Administrator

To add a new administrator, go to the Manage Team tab. Scroll down to the bottom section on the page labeled Manage Console Admins. Click the blue button in the options column labeled Add New Admin.

Input the information for the new admin in the dialogue box and click save. The person will now be considered an admin in your database.

You can follow the same process to add new users or scouts. Simply change the admin type in the dialogue box to the desired label.

Admin vs User vs Scout

Each coach or staff member in your database can be labeled as either an administrator, a user, or a scout/recruiter.

  • An Admin is an individual who has access to all controls and people in your database.
    • For instance any coach you label as an admin will be able to see TAP scores on all other coaches in the database.
  • A User has access to all players, prospects, and alumni but not staff.
    • So is a coach did not want assistant coaches seeing the TAP results of other assistant coaches, but still wanted them to see the scores of players, they could label them a user.
    • They also cannot manage or make changes to your system.
  • A Scout/Recruiter can only see if people are in the database but cannot access reports or make changes.

For instance if you wanted a coach to just be able to see if a certain player or prospect has taken the TAP, but do not want them to see their scores.

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