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What is the Mental Gym?

The AthleteTypes Mental Gym is where you will go to improve things like confidence, decision making, preparation, coachability, and more.

Your specific results on the TAP assessment will give you an idea of what you can improve to reach your full potential. The Mental Gym can help you improve on those things.

Seeing completed Skills/Habits

To see your completed skills and habits, go to the Mental Gym tab. Locate the section on the right labeled (Your Name)’s Progress.

This section will tell you what Mental Gym skills and habits you have completed as well as if any are currently in progress.

Recommended Workouts in the Mental Gym

To see the skills and habits recommended for you, go to the Mental Gym tab. Click the tab at the top that says Assigned and Recommended Workouts.


This will take you to a page that indicates different workouts that would be helpful to you specifically, or any workouts assigned to you by your coaches.

Recommended_Workouts_Page.pngMental Gym Skill and Habit Limits

Restarting a Previously Completed Skill

You can redo a skill once it has been completed. To do that, find the skill you want to restart in the workout library and select Restart Skill.


Mental Gym Workout Library

The Mental Gym workout library is where you can quickly see all existing skills and quickly identify which skills or habits you have completed or have not completed.

It also gives you information about each skill or habit including length and what performance trait that skill might help improve.

Different Types of Skills/ Habits

There are 2 different types of skills, regular skills and skills with practice. A regular skill introduces an idea that you can incorporate into your daily life in order to improve, such as Developing A Growth Mindset.

A skill with practice introduces a technique to practice for 1 week in order to improve, such as learning a technique to help you Overcome Mistakes.

A habit works to influence your behavior. This will be developed over a 4 week long process where you systematically improve a certain behavior until it becomes instinctual, such as developing the habit of punctuality.

Coaches and the Mental Gym

Searching For A Skill/ Browse Workouts Tab

If you know the name of a particular skill you want to do, you can search for it in the Mental Gym. Once in the Mental Gym, select the browse workouts tab at the top

On this page, you can browse workouts based on how much time you have, what you would like to work on, as well as search for a specific skill or idea.

Starting a Skill or Habit

To start a skill or habit in the mental gym, go to the Mental Gym Tab. You can find skills or habits in your assigned and recommended workouts, browse workouts, or workout library tabs.

Once you find a skill or habit you would like to complete, click the start workout button under the actions column.

Changing Notification Type

To change the type of notification you receive from the mental gym, go to the My Accounts tab. Find the section labeled Mental Gym Notifications and select the type of notification you would like to receive.

In order to receive email and text notifications that information also needs to be updated in the account information.


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