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Team Pulse

Team Pulse allows you, the coach, to learn the current state of your team physically, mentally, and emotionally. This will help you better understand the team you will be coaching on a given day.  Frequent use will allow you to monitor the team’s ups and downs throughout the season.

The Team Pulse survey is 5 questions sent electronically to the athletes on your team via email or text depending on the individual athlete’s account preferences.  

The survey usually takes less than 1 minute to complete, and is anonymous to ensure athlete’s feel comfortable to answer honestly.  

Consequently, you will not be able to see individual responses, only the aggregate responses from your team. The survey is open for 24 hours and responses aggregate instantly in your team console as the athletes complete it.  

Sending Team Pulse Survey to Team Athletes

From Coach Home, click the Team Pulse bar to open that section, then click the blue “Send Pulse Survey” button.

Team Pulse Results
As athletes complete the Team Pulse survey, the results flow into the Team Pulse section of the Coach Home page.  The scoring is from 1-100 with 100 being the highest or best.

From there, you can launch into detailed Team Pulse results to see more details on the current and historic Team Pulse results.

Detailed Team Pulse Results

Most Recent Survey

These gauges represent your team's responses to the most recent team pulse survey. The scoring is from 1-100 with 100 being the highest or best.



These graphs display the trends of the state of your team over the course of multiple surveys.

Questions Responses

This section displays your team's response counts to individual questions in the Pulse survey.


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